Friday, August 15, 2014

New obsession

For the past few months I was busy mentally and physically (take that look away from your face!!!) work wise as well as personal life wise. And in midst of my "growing" career and family life I got sucked in reading, awk!!! not my usual historical romance but get this paranormal romance! One genre I swore I would never touch with a bar pole let alone put my precious eye time reading the blurb of the book. It was something I was totally against- no way was I able to get my head into shape shifting people ..vampires.... or were-wolves or witches for that matter. They should stay where they the minds of equally "messed-up in the head" writers. Weird people likes weird books. And, thank you but I aint one of 'em. I like straight romance books albeit the historical kind where More tea, my Lord! sounds darn sexy when said by a woman on the verge of strangle-hood with all those petticoats and corset. Yea to each his own.

So did the genre hit me or what...I don't think I am ever going to be same again. I am seriously thinking a vampire bite might be mighty sexy or I might swoon if I come across one sexy vampire like the ones I have been coming across in my books. Oh boy. Or shape-shifting were wolves can keep me warm any time ....(well that was written almost few months back) .....

since then a lot happened in my life!! Serious!!! An alien landed in my backyard *cackling wildly* and I rushed to save the world. or maybe like I gave birth to another child!! and I moved. Yep!! amongst all the reading I was doing and getting big on my career I did all that.

And now, I am more or less getting into certain life rhythm which means I am back doing what I like most ...reading!!