Wonder what is its name?

Well I hope this is something rare...(kidding)...Since I have nothing to publish and I found this fascinating butterfly in ..err...normal position I suppose ..here they are...!!!


  1. Hi My World,

    Those shameless pair of creatures are not butterflies but moths :)-

  2. So much so for my rise in fame in discovering "rare" butterflies..

  3. Hi My World,

    Does a discovery have to be rare to be important? I think every discovery is important. It makes us one additional knowledge wiser.

    You know one day a friend travelled with me from Thimphu to Phobjikha. Along the way, I point out birds after birds to her - some 30-40 of them by the time we reached Phobjikha. She shook her head in amazement and said that in all her life she had never seen so mamy birds as she did in a single day travelling with me.

    I told her, the reason she did not see them is becuase she did not look for them. Look around you and there are a million things you can discover.

    You have been to the US ... have you had the opportunity to visit some rural American homes? If you have and if you have seen some homes of bird lovers, you would have noticed that they have bird feeders installed next to their homes .. in their gardens and in some public parks - to attract birds.

    Now, if you go to rural Bhutan, by contrast, you will notice that the villers have brid chasers installed in their fields - to chase away birds. Isn't it amazing that we - the East and the West - are so far apart? Given that we are so divergent, can we ever meet? Can our realities ever be same? Can our values be same? Can what is true for the West be true for us? Do you think there is a lesson to be learnt from this?


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