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Of being me

Its been ages since I wrote. It sure has been ages. I don't know why I stopped doing it. It has been crazy days...months....and years. Years of finding myself. I wrote this in 2018 and never took up again. Here, now on this auspicious day of 2021...I am going to complete this piece, because why not? I am working from home...stuck to laptop more than I was at office. Let's say something good from 2nd lockdown for me. The reason why I stopped writing this piece was probably I got my heartbroken like any woman, when your trust is broken and you are faced with the realities of life. Now, I remember the dark year I was in. God, it took me three years to move on. Three years of growing and becoming mentally strong. Each year, I will make a resolution that I will become a better person and not to give those three people importance by making me obsessed with them. That's how I overcame and somewhat moved on to be a better mother, sister, daughter and myself.  Each year I will make

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