Of being me

Its been ages since I wrote. It sure has been ages. I don't know why I stopped doing it. It has been crazy days...months....and years. Years of finding myself. I wrote this in 2018 and never took up again.

Here, now on this auspicious day of 2021...I am going to complete this piece, because why not? I am working from home...stuck to laptop more than I was at office. Let's say something good from 2nd lockdown for me.

The reason why I stopped writing this piece was probably I got my heartbroken like any woman, when your trust is broken and you are faced with the realities of life. Now, I remember the dark year I was in. God, it took me three years to move on. Three years of growing and becoming mentally strong. Each year, I will make a resolution that I will become a better person and not to give those three people importance by making me obsessed with them. That's how I overcame and somewhat moved on to be a better mother, sister, daughter and myself.  Each year I will make different resolution to be stronger and remind myself of the promise I made myself. Three years of different resolution to push myself. 

Young, naive me got hurt by non other than my husband. Three people involved and this shit is better than any fiction I have read. Honest, to god! When I think about it I hate them for making me freaking obsessed with their blasted affair. Well, that is another story for another day. But, let me tell you if you have watched the movie Gone Girl or read the book, I get that woman. If you have not watched it...then you are missing an amazing modern thriller. 

Well...here is a toast to you and me for another new year and may we become a better human being. Don't waste your time. Mediate, do yoga, learn KPop dance, chant prayers, learn something new, write a book or knitting. Because time is yours now. 



  1. Go easy on those curses, Madam. Without mistakes and omissions, you will not grow into a better person. I have always said that making mistakes is not the problem - the problem is in NOT learning from those mistakes.

    1. Oh hello, old friend! Crazy times we are living through. Noted on the curses...but those are mild to what normally goes in my head.


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