New obsession

For the past few months I was busy mentally and physically (take that look away from your face!!!) work wise as well as personal life wise. And in midst of my "growing" career and family life I got sucked in reading, awk!!! not my usual historical romance but get this paranormal romance! One genre I swore I would never touch with a bar pole let alone put my precious eye time reading the blurb of the book. It was something I was totally against- no way was I able to get my head into shape shifting people ..vampires.... or were-wolves or witches for that matter. They should stay where they the minds of equally "messed-up in the head" writers. Weird people likes weird books. And, thank you but I aint one of 'em. I like straight romance books albeit the historical kind where More tea, my Lord! sounds darn sexy when said by a woman on the verge of strangle-hood with all those petticoats and corset. Yea to each his own.

So did the genre hit me or what...I don't think I am ever going to be same again. I am seriously thinking a vampire bite might be mighty sexy or I might swoon if I come across one sexy vampire like the ones I have been coming across in my books. Oh boy. Or shape-shifting were wolves can keep me warm any time ....(well that was written almost few months back) .....

since then a lot happened in my life!! Serious!!! An alien landed in my backyard *cackling wildly* and I rushed to save the world. or maybe like I gave birth to another child!! and I moved. Yep!! amongst all the reading I was doing and getting big on my career I did all that.

And now, I am more or less getting into certain life rhythm which means I am back doing what I like most ...reading!!


  1. One post after 2 years 9 months!!!! That has got to be a record of sorts - in torpidity :)-

  2. Hey are you still in Samchi or have you moved out?

  3. You mean you moved out of Samchi?

    I need to go to Samchi and look up that old guy again ... thought I will say Hi to you while there :)-

    1. Yes I have moved. I hope you have a happy reunion. Any particular reason why you going there?

  4. Some inconsistencies in the claims made by an American ham radio operator called Gus Browning - half rogue half super hero. This guy makes some strangely impossible claims which I do not believe is possible. I am not sure that my man in Samchi can clear some doubts I have ... but my records show that the man by the gate became active in the early 70's while this GI Joe's claims date back to 1963 and 1965. But my question really is not related to the GI Joe but to another guy - Indian from Mizoram who pioneered the ham radio in Bhutan - as far back as 1955. The man by the police gate may have been a student under this Mizo guy ... because for sure late Dasho Yonten and Dasho Letho (Secretry of Communications), Zeko from Paro etc. - contemporaries of the gate keeper - were his students. I am hoping that this last of the dinosaur may have something that he can tell me --- and may be I can connect two & two and come up with something :)-


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