my first day & book swap thing

Well here I am. After lots of hic ups I am finally posting my first blog here. Funny thing was that I didnt know I had already registered here and had never bothered to write anything.

Half of my interent time was spent looking for websites on book swap that didnt cost me money or time or lots of books to finally ask someone for the book I was looking for and somebody had it for swap. The search result was zilch. Some wanted few dollars for security otherwise the whole book exchange was free. Nope they are not charging any money for registering the books for give away. How noble of them. Another wanted atleast 13 books for me to give away in order for me to ask someone for THAT book. Jezzz who have more than 1o books to give away. All my books are borrowed and lost and some eaten by silver fish (thats what we call it, but I dont know what others call it) and of course some were used by the rats to stop their teeth from growing.

In my quest for the book swap website I finally logged in to bookmooch, which I am already a member of and have now proudly registered 5 books. 3 of which are already lost and dont know where it is. Atleast I have 2 left. Lets see whether others are interested in my books. Now, enough of it.

Next episode of my life....coming soon


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