nappy care

well having a baby and being a working mom is hard. specially when you have an active baby that hates diaper changing times. and it doesnt help at all when you have deadlines to meet and your baby suddenly decides to clean his bowl and you are rushing after him to change his diaper and at the same time hoping that you are not getting late for that big presentation or meeting.

well being a working mom it sure is a challenging job. i have a hard time just keeping everything synchronized with everything that is going on in my life.

deciding to have a baby never prepared me to face the challenges of diaper rashes (my baby have a very sensitive skin), and the early waking hours and of course having to give up on my quality time. i dont have time for my personal care nor for those interesting books that i had been dying to read about. i wonder how people with twins handle that.

anyways, diaper rash care is currently my science project. i call it a science project because no matter what i do his bottom and the genital area just gets angry red. visited numerous doctors and the medicines and creams they have suggested works for few days only. i tried herbal methods too.

with all that now i am sticking to giving him bath with
artemisa plant commonly known as wormwood. In the olden days, children were hardly given bath but their bodies were rubbed with this plant. That is what everyone says...and the old people swear that it works wonders on the skin. Even at present, when my mom or the oldies have rashes or skin problem they just have a long soak in the hot water with few wormwood leaves. And the fragrance...I love it.

It works wonder and I dont have to buy expensive creams or ointments. You just take the tender part of the plants and while giving bath to your baby, you have to rubs the plants between your hands and take out the juice of the plant and rub the juice as well as the plant on the areas that is being effected by the rashes or anything. After few baths it helps a lot. And I am particularly lucky that the plant grows wild. I heard that there are different kinds of artemisa but they are all of medicinal value.


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