reading romance and gag!!!

Sometimes I think I am reading too much of historical romance books. Being a full fledged bookmoocher, thanks the lord for some of us, I am reading truck loads of romance and that too historical romance. I am scared to branch out to other kind of romance books and have stuck to only those I am familiar with...and believe me it is getting insufferable after reading one book after another. All similar plot and well same panting scene..after awhile you wonder on the kind of quality person you are seriously. However, despite that my passion for reading romance doesnot go away...*yikes*.

So here I am reading two, nay three books at the same time...multi-tasking as usual and of course do not forget running after that almost 2 year oldbaby of mine. Lordy, where do I get the time. The book I read when I am going to bed is killing me, the one I read when I open my computer is making me squint a lot with that small prints and the other book I read when I am in the toilet is well what do I say is making me thirsty to learn more. Now, please note that the ones read in the toilet is serious stuffs not bosom heaving kind I read when I go to bed...ahem!!

So, my current take on the following books I am read that is
  1. Its in his Kiss by Julia Quinn, read in the bed book- What to say..either hate it or love it. At the end of the book I didnt know whether to hate the characters or love them. The dialogue were fresh and entertaining but the characters were not...but the story was entertaining and that kept me reading slowly savoring every dialogue. Definitely good in the end. However, I had one exception with the heroine, who is supposed to be intelligent and witty, which I had the hard time understanding whether she was half-wit with too irritating talkative mouth or not.
  2. The lost symbol by Dan brown, read in the toilet book- This book theme is similar to da vinchi book. A madman, a crazy people protecting ancient secret, as mankind are not ready and one suspectful head of national security. If they want to make a movie out of this book, they better come out with different twist to the characters otherwise its mighty gonna look like da vinchi movie. myself, I liked the book better than the movie.
  3. Mastered by Love by Stephanie Laurens, read when I open the computer book- Oh my, where do I begin...the *panting* scene is hot..scroching hot but gawd the prints are too small for my four eyes. But the book didnt leave me wanting to read what happens next as Julia Quinn had artfully done in her book.
Thats enough of my ranting now...


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