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Playing Russian roulette with our relationship?

Life has become strange. Its strange to hear when people start playing russian roulette with their relationship. The thrill of chase, the thrill of taking chances, the thrill of having another notch on their bed post, I suppose. Wonder what happened to trust. Wonder what happened to forever ever together. Sometimes its like a musical chair the way partners are changed. Why are we so weak that for moment that we are willing to give up everything that we believe in? Its strange to hear your own principles mock at you. Its strange to hear your own trust in someone shatter. Funny, how they can move on without conscience. Like in russian roulette someone has to die, someone has to win. Who will win? Who will kill this relationship beyond saving?

Fools really rush in

“Hell hath no fury, than the women scorned.” That is so debatable. I wish she showed fury. I wish she reacted and beat the crap out of him. I wish she’d gone on with her life instead of lamenting her single, heart broken status on facebook for all to see. She is young, pretty and hopelessly in love with a wrong person. Been separated for more than two years and I still get her sad status on facebook. Somehow, that awful guy doesn’t seem to get out of her head and heart(?). I tell her get on with her life and bloody hell with that stupid guy who left her with one child. She says she has gone with her life. Her baby is growing up. She is socializing. But why do I read her pitiful status all the time? She is even writing his name on facebook. She has never gone on with her life. She is stuck with her bruised heart with the picture of that two-timing rat forever entrenched in her heart. The two-timing rat has moved on with another girl. He moved on before they got separated. And she was …

The ugliest blog

After lot of tinkering around I somehow managed to make my blog the ugliest. The editing feature gave up and now my writings are looking all cramped up starving for space. When I am reading something, I like to read that is flowing perfectly with enough space between paragraphs telling me its a paragraph. My writing simply doesn't have paragraphs, infact its looking like it doesn't want paragraphs and the alignment is not aligning. What was once a presentable look now looks so ugly starving for space and some decent writing.

Honestly, the theme is making me sick too. All I need to do is change the colors like some of the blogs I have been complaining about, and I am sure I will take the award for the ugliest blog. Seriously thinking of changing to wordpress.

ps- still in experimenting mood.

Jon Steward-at his sarcastic best

Alter EGO

I have an alter ego. Its the other voice provoking and questioning me. Its there with its ever cynical view of life and world. Its there to keep me sane sometimes. Its there to beat the odds. Its there to make me survive. My alter ego if ever came to life is a person with red lipstick, wears rakish hat that beats all the hats of Kate Middleton's wedding guests, killer black heels, with a cigarette in one hand. She is cynical, waspish and takes no prisoner attitude. If provoked she’d have you for breakfast. She is fast, she is loose, she sees world through jaded eyes, she is old soul. And now, I have no idea where I am heading with this piece.

The good and bad blogs

Is it me or my eyes? The blogs I visit are interesting and wonderful to read. Everything fits in together. The writing, the page, the layout, the text - beautiful. And some are just barely readable. The background and the text colors kind of merge into one making readers squint and grit through the readings. I give up as soon as I see the horrible merge-into-one blogs. One top of that I wonder how they can read their own blog with that kind of background. I think I should cut some slack here, I remember having a hard time with my own color synchronization. But, gawd, its awful to know I might have missed one brilliant writing because of the colors or whatever they call it. Template? Awa, shucks, maybe its my eyes and my age. Feeling old biddy reading those pages. Those dark colors are used for photographs or graphics blog I think. For textual blog, I am sure light colors are ok that doesnt somehow blend with your text colors. I am not an expert on blog layout. Look at my blog layout. …

All that husking!

In quest to drown myself in romance I picked up an old favorite of mine. A book by Judith McNaught – Whitney, My love. I have this as ebook so it was great to pick it up and read it. It was a favorite of mine years ago. So, I thought why not read it again, huh? So, I did. As soon as I read, I was irritated. I never read books romance book again. Like I said its to be read and forgotten or kept as a reminder of what a wonderful book it was. But, remembering what a wonderful book it was I read it again –against my better judgment not to spoil it with my criticism you usually find after reading it again. I shouldn’t have. I really shouldn’t have read it. The book got spoilt by all the husking the characters does.

“I want you.” he husked….husked?? husked?!! how does one husk? shouldn’t it be huskily or whatever? 
“I don’t want you.” she husked back..oh please not again..husked?? mama help me!!!
After lot of husking through midway. I gave up. I couldn’t torture myself with being husked left a…

Kite Runner and Me

Ok, I read Kite Runner. And I need something to distract me from that book. It is one of those times when I read a book and wished I was not affected. I need those insufferable historical romance book like NOW. Why do  I get involved with the characters and the plot. Oh why? I don’t understand it either. Kite Runner is a beautiful book and reminded me of the to Kill a Mockingbird. If anyone is into reading books I highly recommend this one. Amir’s journey is beautiful, sad and just human trying to find a place in the world as a Man. Its not like those fictional high paced story where you read and afterwards forget. Like my historical romance, or Dan Brown (ok, I like his book for teaching me about da Vinci and symbolism), or John Grishman (I learned something about law by the way), or Sidney Sheldon (bless his soul and may he rest in peace-I learned nothing..but I grew up reading his book).
Kite Runner is one of those rare book which has found a keeper on your shelf. I am very selecti…

Definitely Kindle

Right!! I decided. Here I go..and kindle here you come to me. I would have preferred Ipad. I love gadgets though most of the time I cant figure out how to use all the features but the comfort and ease it brings to ones life is just pure SIN. And I would definitely indulge myself if I have money rolling in my bank. I'd buy gadget over gold anytime. No wonder, my husband, looks at me as if I have grown horns when once in a while I think of buying gold. But, mind you, I dont have any gold in my name. Not yet. But I suppose I will buy it one day when I finally decide I had enough of gadgets. but the problem of gadgets are .......Sigh!! All the scrimping and saving and then when you are finally able to buy it they have moved on to better, newer and expensive version. Like the time I wanted to buy PS2 and when I finally managed enough money, lo and behold, what you know...PS3 came out.....I wanted to cry, kick or do something against the world. It wasnt fair that PS2 price went down and…