Friday, May 29, 2009

bathing ur baby

Do you live in a hot and humid area where you sweat a lot and specially when you have an active 1 year old it. Well here are some tips to bath your baby so that his skin stay tender and smooth.
Give bath to your baby atleast once a day. I usually, bath to my baby twice a day. If I dont, he starts to smell of milk, whatever food/fruit he was given that day and of his sweat. However, I dont apply much of soap or bath gel. In the morning to freshen him up I let him soak in the water for a little while or just shower him. By one year most babies stand so I let him hold on to the side of the bathtub and you should make sure that the floor are not slippery. I let him stand on a rubber bathmat while showering him.
While bathing just apply a small amount of soap or bath gel around is buttock. I just wash his underarms, under the neck, and around the thigh area with water. Then rinse his body with a clean water. After that I massage his body with a good baby oil and let him play around for a while before giving him breakfast. Usually, babies are hungry as soon as they wake up so I don’t take much time with bathing.
During the day progress and specially if you are living in a hot area like me babies sweats. So as the day cools down I let him soak little bit in a warm water so that his tender body can relax after all those hours of crawling and playing around. By evening, babies gets tired and ready their body for sleep so a good massage to ease their tired body is good and makes them sleep better. I have exprienced that my baby sleeps soundly if I give him a good rubbing on him back and his legs.
Too much of bathing, of course, will make their skin dry so most evening, I put 2-3 drops of baby oil or olive oil and soak him.
It is good to clean their buttocks with little soap to prevent rashes. Since my baby's skin is tender and gets rashes if his buttocks are not kept clean I have to wash it with soap. I have learned that it is one way to prevent rashes.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

More about book mooch

Ok, after 2 years of registering, I have finally posted 10 books and am still not able to mooch one of the books I have wanted read so much. And sadly most of the books are not available for international shipping or posting. Quite disheartening since we donot have good bookshops selling the books we want to read and secondly the available books are so expensive for our pockets. Hmm….after uploading 10 books in my inventory, I have only 1 point. I need atleast 2 points to mooch and even if I am able to mooch, it entirely depends on the individual whether to accept my mooch from this corner of the world. Frankly, speaking this corner of the world is good only to read about or visit, looks like no one really wants to spend their hardearned money sending some stupid book. I nearly had extra point by posting my book to someone in Canada who had mooched a book from my list. But I was not able to send it due to unforeseeable circumstances like giving birth and stuffs like that and I was automatically put on vacation by the website which I have managed to change it.
In my quest to find people ready to send books to this corner of the world I browsed lots of websites and there were really fantastic websites but sadly not for international. It was all local thing. However, there is a website called Readers United, and I have registered there recently. It is similar to book mooch but it is bit generous than the book mooch. Hey, if I can get a copy of book I want to read so much I’d register left and right. Anyways, this website is bit kinder, for example I need not put in 10 books on the list before I can mooch or request. However, its library or the list of books on offer are not extensive like book mooch. With a list of atleast 7 books you can request a book and I have done so and waiting for that person to accept or reject. More likely reject I suppose. Nope those books doesnot looks like it will travel all the way from other side of the world to this part of the mountain world.
Sometimes it really sucks being from this part of this world specially when you are using internet and the services or products being offered are more local area driven. I think most of the product or services are available only to usa or Canada or pertu rico. That shows how the economy of the world is driven I suppose. Monopoly!!! Which reminds me of wining an amazon voucher on some lottery thing I used to play online for free. The lottery thing was free and for international players but the prizes was not. Now the website is closed. Anyways, I couldnot use it as the product I ordered was not shipped to this corner of the world. That was sad and I had to give it away to one of my penfriend (I have lost cotact with her now) who lived in usa. I hope she made a good use of it.
So now I am waiting whether the person I have requested will mooch in or mooch out me.

Till next time.