Murder in the fish bowl

Something got in my head that my lil’ boy need a friend. And of course should start learning about responsibility. At this young age. Must be all the books that I have read and the experience that I have encountered got in my head. I don’t know what really got in my head. So we went to Siliguri on a weekend outing and watch a movie. I am not the adventurous kind or a fun kind no matter what I say. But there I was along with my kid and my sis-in-laws to watch a movie of all the things. Of course we made a stop at Water Kingdom which I must say was a good place for children to play in the water. Then I bought five fishes – four goldfishes and one ugly fish the seller claimed it cleans the tank. I told my son, these are your friend and you should take care of them. Mother pearl of wisdom I thought. And the fishes arrived all fine back home along with their grand new home – a big bowl and colored pebbles.
They looked so grand, nice and beautiful. Today is their fourth day here in Bhutan. They are all dead. How and why they are dead is a mystery I am yet to understand. It looked like a murder in a fish bowl with all of them dying one after another. A mass killing. So much so about having fishes as a friend. Should have stuck to dog but I hate dogs in the house or cat. Maybe I should get a turtle for him. Well no matter. Now I am stuck with a big empty fish bowl and lot of colored pebbles. Seriously, I should have done lot of research and then should have bought the fish. And I did everything that I was advised to do when I bought the fish but it must be something I did wrong. Maybe the water? or too much oxygen? or temperature? Or something…….
 Dead Goldfish


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