The new dynamic look

The new changes made to the blog look is sleek, easy to navigate and pretty enough to look at. I wish I had wonderful blog with pictures and writing but despite my poor content of my blog, I must say its looking professional sort. Anyone who has photo blog or recipe blog will look nice with different views the new dynamic view the has introduced. I can't wait for some of the blogs to change their look to dynamic view. Here is the snapshot of Yeshey-the photographer's blog…looks pretty cool.



  1. Hi My World, My Reads,

    I did take a look at the dynamic layout ... but somehow I didn't think it was something the readers would find easy to navigate. For one I dont understand why they are displaying only my photos ... what happened or where have they hidden my articles? I didnt have much time to explore the new features ... perhaps I will do so in a day or two when I have more time.

    Take care

  2. Hmm...the photographs ate your articles...:D. If you click one the photos your article will pop up. Check it.


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