Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blog templates and the newbie.

After many many years, well it is eons if we compare at the rate technology has advanced, of signing up to this website, I finally downloaded few free templates. I particularly liked the current one I am using which is called Notepad second, and if anyone is interested the provider of the free templates is at the bottom of my blog page. However, I realise, to my despair, that downloading and uploading a template is not enough. I am at my wits end how to change those navigation bar that is there in this template. I tried googling but it seems either I am searching it the wrong way or I am just dumb-witted for this.

However, I shall endeavor to fix this and make my blog more presentable for myself atleast.



  1. From whatever little you have written, I can see that you have great potential as a writer. Your command over the language is great! and you write with such charming ease. It is a joy to read your pcs.

    How about writing more? Not to say that you should give up your obvious interest in reading - but along the way, if you keep writing, you could acquire a craft at which I think you have a natural flair.

    For now, I am bookmarking your blog.

  2. Hey you are my first commentator. Should get a prize for that...:). I am thinking of writing more but I want to write a good one and it always happens when I am away from computer..:)

  3. Hi This is me, my world and my reads,

    Thanks .. in truth I had given up visiting your blog after I realized that you weren't going to post any articles :)

    I will start to visit once again to see if your creative juices are flowing once again :)