All that husking!

In quest to drown myself in romance I picked up an old favorite of mine. A book by Judith McNaught – Whitney, My love. I have this as ebook so it was great to pick it up and read it. It was a favorite of mine years ago. So, I thought why not read it again, huh? So, I did. As soon as I read, I was irritated. I never read books romance book again. Like I said its to be read and forgotten or kept as a reminder of what a wonderful book it was. But, remembering what a wonderful book it was I read it again –against my better judgment not to spoil it with my criticism you usually find after reading it again. I shouldn’t have. I really shouldn’t have read it. The book got spoilt by all the husking the characters does.

“I want you.” he husked….husked?? husked?!! how does one husk? shouldn’t it be huskily or whatever? 
“I don’t want you.” she husked back..oh please not again..husked?? mama help me!!!
After lot of husking through midway. I gave up. I couldn’t torture myself with being husked left and right. The book just got deleted from my computer. Good riddance.
So, I got a thin mills and boon book. Go figure!! I don’t like mills and boon but I needed something fairy tale to forget and I needed to read about love.
What you know. I open the page and after couple of pages the hero husked!!! Damn. Not a good day to pick up books today. I am not doing right this time. Maybe I should read harry potter or something light. Ugh!! its too tiring to pick up a book and read from first to last. The hours are late. I am tired. And sadist in me tortured myself to read to till the end.  So, we all husked tortuously all the way to the end.
Then a phone rings. I pick it up..  “ Hello, husband” I husked and cringe.  


  1. When I am in all Undecided situation I just pick book from Harry potter series or read Fountain head all again...You have nice collection of books..:):)

  2. Thanks Anu,
    I usually go for light reading when I am in one of the *feeling down* moods. :) Fountainhead is bit intense. :) Let me know if you can recommend any good books.


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