Definitely Kindle

Right!! I decided. Here I go..and kindle here you come to me. I would have preferred Ipad. I love gadgets though most of the time I cant figure out how to use all the features but the comfort and ease it brings to ones life is just pure SIN. And I would definitely indulge myself if I have money rolling in my bank. I'd buy gadget over gold anytime. No wonder, my husband, looks at me as if I have grown horns when once in a while I think of buying gold. But, mind you, I dont have any gold in my name. Not yet. But I suppose I will buy it one day when I finally decide I had enough of gadgets. but the problem of gadgets are .......Sigh!! All the scrimping and saving and then when you are finally able to buy it they have moved on to better, newer and expensive version. Like the time I wanted to buy PS2 and when I finally managed enough money, lo and behold, what you know...PS3 came out.....I wanted to cry, kick or do something against the world. It wasnt fair that PS2 price went down and PS3 price shot up crazy. It wasnt fair the kind of money I was getting as government salary. It was barely enough to last me through the month. Let alone feed my family.

So, despite my desire to buy is better anytime I suppose. And boy I cant wait.....slurp..slurp...!! The feel of new gadgets and discovery of what it can do....yeaaaaa...this is life..this is bliss...


  1. WOW you have begun to blog once again! That is nice.

    Well .. the rate of obsolescence in the field of technology is very rapid. Thus, worry of a new model replacing the one that you currently own should not deter you from buying something that you desire. If you are deterred by the fact that a new model will soon replace the one that you currently own, you will end up never making a decision to buy what you want to buy :)

    However, your decision to opt for the Kindle over that of iPad needs proper consideration. iPad is Apple and Kindle is made by some other manufacturer - I do not know which. Something that would worry me is the platform, the operating system or the user interface. If they are vastly different from each other and if you are used to one, migrating to another new one which you have not used before can be rather inconvenient. But if you are starting a fresh on the iPad as well as the Kindle, then you are OK with either.

    I was so fed up with my PC laptop being attached by viruses that I decided to buy a MacBook Pro Notebook instead. It has been 2 months since, but I am still not able to use the new Apple laptop with the kind of ease that I could my earlier laptop. I know I need to relearn the whole thing all over – and that defeats me entirely :)

    But I love the design of Apple – they are sooooooooooooo chic! :)

  2. Well..after lot of debate with myself I bought kindle. Kindle is a bookreader from Amazon and it is the greatest thing in the book world after invention of printer i think..:) and ipad seems lot like a mini laptop. and kindle came cheaper..hahaha...and thanks for your thought on buying something i want. it made me lot calmer..because for couple of days i was lamenting that computer with i5 and i7 processor with large RAM capacity has gone down...:). and I am so jealous of your Apple laptop!! and it make sense of you to have one because of your profession. I was equally torn when I was buying my laptop..but dell won me over with large screen and not to mention the new processor with large capacity (of course its nothing close to Apple...but one fine day i will buy one with large screen and God help me!!)

  3. blog maintenance deleted my message...*frown* anyways..thanks a lot for your comment on going ahead to buy. its the leap of faith..i suppose and going with the flow. i have been lamenting that prices of computer with i5 and i7 processor with bigger RAM has gone down and me wanting to replace my laptop. but i guess what i will do with all tht high speed..:). i bought kindle...and its made by amazon. kindle is a book reader and is the biggest thing after invention of printers. it makes life easier and to carry whole lotta book in one small package ..makes my life easier and yummy. ipad- is some kind of mini laptop and phone and after lot of going through all the specification and agonizing on the decision..i figured i will get kindle. beside it was lot cheaper. i am so jealous of your apple laptop but its perfect for u because of your profession. i will get it one day with a bigger screen. i love big screen but all i am able to buy right now is small screen so i got dell which was a good deal with great processor and RAM but now i am salivating after stuffs that has i7 processor. sigh!!

  4. OK .. this means that the Kindle and iPad are for two entriely diffirent uses. So, if anything, you need to buy one each of the both --- and not prefer one over the other :)

    Big screens are fine - but why are you salivating after super fast processors? Like I said, you can never keep up with technology.

  5. :)I love PC games. I am addicted to Lord of the Rings and Diablo II and I prefer super fast comp and network to play them. Only consolation is Bhutan's network has yet to catch up to my atleast I am way ahead of them.

  6. Hahaha ... OK. PC games are way out of my league. I dont play them - not a single one.

  7. Try playing one of the MMORGP (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game). Its addictive and one day I will write my experience as a hunter on the Lord of the Rings. :)

  8. Alright - I would rather that I read your account as a hunter rather than learn a new trick :)


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