Kite Runner and Me

Ok, I read Kite Runner. And I need something to distract me from that book. It is one of those times when I read a book and wished I was not affected. I need those insufferable historical romance book like NOW. Why do  I get involved with the characters and the plot. Oh why? I don’t understand it either. Kite Runner is a beautiful book and reminded me of the to Kill a Mockingbird. If anyone is into reading books I highly recommend this one. Amir’s journey is beautiful, sad and just human trying to find a place in the world as a Man. Its not like those fictional high paced story where you read and afterwards forget. Like my historical romance, or Dan Brown (ok, I like his book for teaching me about da Vinci and symbolism), or John Grishman (I learned something about law by the way), or Sidney Sheldon (bless his soul and may he rest in peace-I learned nothing..but I grew up reading his book).
Kite Runner is one of those rare book which has found a keeper on your shelf. I am very selective of what I decide to keep and definitely this one has found its place on my shelf along with other books like Catcher in the Rye, To kill a mockingbird, Ayn Rand beautiful book like Fountain Head. Not to mention my highly scandalized book like Karma sutra-to utter mortification of my family. My half missing set of Harry Potter, etc. Now, I am almost scared to pick up the sequel Thousand Splendid Sun. I need a rest, my heart needs a rest, I need to drown in mindless romance to forget Amir’s journey, I need happily ever after with no one dying, I need…to forget I am human too and life is not bed of roses.


  1. I like Amir's father character in the book....Indeed its very rare book...Let me know how is Thousand splendid sun If you read it....Nice post :)

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  3. Thousand splendid sun is not yet with me. But I am thinking of buying it online as ebook. :) I bet its as good as Kite Runner. Now,I am thinking whether its worth watching the movie too. Don't want to burst my bubble over the book.

  4. I didn't find the THOUSAND SPLENDID SUN as piercing as KITERUNNER but it will definitely leave a growing pain in the lump in your throat. After NOT WITHOUT MY MOTHER and now THOUSAND SPLENDID SUN, I wonder about my belief in one global village for i find myself detesting the life of womenfolk in muslim world.


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