Playing Russian roulette with our relationship?

Life has become strange. Its strange to hear when people start playing russian roulette with their relationship. The thrill of chase, the thrill of taking chances, the thrill of having another notch on their bed post, I suppose. Wonder what happened to trust. Wonder what happened to forever ever together. Sometimes its like a musical chair the way partners are changed. Why are we so weak that for moment that we are willing to give up everything that we believe in? Its strange to hear your own principles mock at you. Its strange to hear your own trust in someone shatter. Funny, how they can move on without conscience. Like in russian roulette someone has to die, someone has to win. Who will win? Who will kill this relationship beyond saving?


  1. Hi My World, My Reads,

    You will only understand when you arrive there :)

  2. Seems you got a story share. I am all ears. Please do go ahead :D

  3. Hi My World, My Reads,

    Sorry to disappoint you …. no stories to share :)


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