Fools really rush in

“Hell hath no fury, than the women scorned.”
That is so debatable. I wish she showed fury. I wish she reacted and beat the crap out of him. I wish she’d gone on with her life instead of lamenting her single, heart broken status on facebook for all to see. She is young, pretty and hopelessly in love with a wrong person. Been separated for more than two years and I still get her sad status on facebook. Somehow, that awful guy doesn’t seem to get out of her head and heart(?). I tell her get on with her life and bloody hell with that stupid guy who left her with one child. She says she has gone with her life. Her baby is growing up. She is socializing. But why do I read her pitiful status all the time? She is even writing his name on facebook. She has never gone on with her life. She is stuck with her bruised heart with the picture of that two-timing rat forever entrenched in her heart.
The two-timing rat has moved on with another girl. He moved on before they got separated. And she was still willing to accept him back and did everything to make him come back. How melodramatic! Accept someone back who is sleeping around with someone? Seriously, she needs her head examined. Where is it written that he won’t cheat again? Men and their dinga linga ling !!!(by the way there is a raunchy song with that title by Chuck Berry). I don’t see what she sees him but she seems to see something worth remembering him ALL the time. I tell her there are lot better fishes in the sea with all sizes and shape. She should start playing the field and give up this foolish notion that he’d notice her once again. If fishes are not her choice, there are sharks too. Sharks who’d bite who ever looks at her, or a cute dolphins, who’d swim with her and be at her side or a whale who’d be silently be with her. Nope, she still wants that toad, who failed to turned into prince charming. What a waste at her young age. What a hopelessly stupid girl at her age.



  1. Women and the emotion called love - two epitome of complexity :)

    But please do not be too quick to condemn your friend her hopelessness. Some of us are driven by things that are truly inexplicable to others and yet, that is the way we are. I think it is not a question of not being able to move forward, to go on with life nonetheless, but I think some of us have the tendency to live one experience and cling on to it for a lifetime.

  2. men and lust? i am not condemning my fren..just wish she wont be stuck in one experience and move i said there are lot of exceptional men :)

  3. Hahaha .. surely you haven't experienced the exceptional quality of the man of your friend's choice? It sometimes happens that things are not as simple and straight forward as they seem.

  4. Lets say I have been pretty lucky in my choice :)or maybe I am just blind..*wonder*. And life is as simple or complicated as one wants to be. Its all in one's mind.


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