The good and bad blogs

Is it me or my eyes? The blogs I visit are interesting and wonderful to read. Everything fits in together. The writing, the page, the layout, the text - beautiful. And some are just barely readable. The background and the text colors kind of merge into one making readers squint and grit through the readings. I give up as soon as I see the horrible merge-into-one blogs. One top of that I wonder how they can read their own blog with that kind of background. I think I should cut some slack here, I remember having a hard time with my own color synchronization. But, gawd, its awful to know I might have missed one brilliant writing because of the colors or whatever they call it. Template? Awa, shucks, maybe its my eyes and my age. Feeling old biddy reading those pages. Those dark colors are used for photographs or graphics blog I think. For textual blog, I am sure light colors are ok that doesnt somehow blend with your text colors. I am not an expert on blog layout. Look at my blog layout. It sorely needs a revamp but who has the time. I am going to shock myself one day and make it real pleasing to the eye kinda thing. I am proud of my present background though. Yea yea, I know my arrogance is showing but atleast I like coming to my blog and look at the colors, though I winch when I look at the layout.

Maybe, I should tell them? Or not.


  1. you can be open to the a very encouraging manner......i have done several fact...blogs with black and dark red backgrounds are difficult to read or keep on reading for few minutes....white is better..:)...and yeah..please work some more on the outlook of the blog...:)

  2. Thanks to your this post, I changed my background immmediately....would definitely want to learn more, I m in the infancy stage of blogging.

  3. @Landof, I visited your blog and wondered. It looked different. :) and its looking way better. But, I guess I should work on mine too. Hahaha, busy finding faults with others while mine is as terrible as theirs.
    Think we all need a simple how-to-do manual.

    @Sogyel - thanks. on my way to work on tht [when i figure out how :)]

  4. I changed mine too - but not sure if the new was is looking any more readable than the earlier one but I think it looks lot more spacious :)


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